06 Common Types of Houseboats in Kerala Backwaters for Cruise & Stay

Why a Kerala houseboat is a great way to see backwaters?

To those travelers who have always wanted to explore authentic watery world, backwaters of Kerala comes first.  Kerala houseboat cruises offer the perfect way to navigate backwater canals, lakes & lagoons while taking in a local way of life. Voyage on unique types of houseboats in Kerala – along the Kumarakom or Kollam or Alleppey Backwaters gives a unique glimpse into the tranquillity and local way of life in this lush and vibrant part of the country. Houseboat proffers one to sit back and relax as it slowly strolls through the gorgeous scenery of the Kerala backwaters.

What is a houseboat? Why is it a must experience ?

When enquired about houseboats, quite often we were asked what the exact definition of a houseboat is. An intriguing question, because the answer is less simple then you might think. Around the world there are various classifications for these floating homes. As far as we’re concerned a houseboat is any boat or barge that has been modified or designed to function as a house. Houseboats come in various shapes and sizes, from motor powered houseboats that allow you to travel to different places on the water to stationary houseboats which serve as a nice floating abode.

Types of Houseboats in Kerala

The reason for this broad definition is that houseboats are used, designed and modified different all over the world. In France you will mostly find modified freight boats (or Péniche as the French call it), in Germany and the United States it’s common to cruise the rivers with a pontoon boat (Hausboot in German), Kerala in India is known for it’s converted traditional spice barges called Kettuvallams and in the Netherlands you will almost only find houseboats that are moored to the

One of the most common questions first-time houseboat renters ask is, “how much room on a houseboat do I really need?”

Is it worth hiring a Premium houseboat or will the standard/Deluxe category be enough? While this question seems straightforward, there are several things you may want to consider when reviewing types of houseboats in Kerala for hire. The number of private bedrooms, maximum occupancy, and onboard amenities varies by model. We’ve outlined some of the most notable differences between the different luxury houseboats we offer at Backwater Routes Houseboats to help you find the ideal model for your next houseboat cruise/stay.

And to determine which type of houseboat will fit your needs and lifestyle, you may consider renting one or a couple of boats until you get a clear idea of what you really want.

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Various types of houseboats in Kerala  

1. Standard Kerala houseboats 

This is a basic houseboat and for authentic experience of Kettuvllam of bygone era. Most of these boats come without an air conditioner & are devoid of any entertainment services. The bedrooms & living rooms are merely not plush.

Types of Houseboats in Kerala

The interior decor would resemble 20th century designs like the traditional houseboats that have dominant usage of bamboo and coconut fiber ropes. Some do have only oil lit lamps for lighting and doesn’t have back up for supply in case of power failure. As most of these types of houseboats are operated by outboard engine there speed is restricted to 2-3 knots.

Things To Consider If You Are Hiring A small houseboat To stay in backwaters.

2. Deluxe Houseboats – Each Deluxe type of houseboats in Kerala is furnished comfortably and attractively while hewing close to tradition. The boats have one, two or three air-conditioned bedrooms. All have an open-air living area and a fully- equipped kitchen. From the viewing deck, or through your bedroom’s picture window, and on a canoe through the backwater heartland, you will see simplicity in action, and the result is immediate: slown down, de-stress, rejuvenate They are much more comfortable houseboats in which air conditioner is also provided. Tourists who approach backwater tour package operators are mainly provided with these kind of houseboats. Deluxe houseboats offer deluxe accommodation and facilities.

3. Superior Deluxe Houseboats – As the name suggests, these are superior than Deluxe category of Houseboats with extensive services such as uniformed butlers and 24 hours air conditioners. People or travlers who are accustomed to star hotels should hire super Deluxe houseboats among the types of Houseboats in Kerala to enjoy their cruise & stay experience. These houseboats are obviously highly priced as they provide some additional services along with the deluxe accommodation facilities

4. Premium houseboats

The above houseboat is ideally suited for enjoying overnight cruises and Backwater holiday trips of 3 and more days. Spacious, bright and comfortable Houseboat with well appointed elegant bedrooms for opulent voyage on backwaters. Exclusivity and comfort at all times. Enjoy the highest degree of relaxation with the services and facilities in this premium types of houseboats in Kerala. It provides a bedroom with double bed or two single beds. There is also a cozy slouching area with decorous upholstered lounge sofa where guests can relax.

Types of Houseboats in Kerala

Being eco-friendly Premium houseboats come with evac system or bio-chemical alternatives are provided and having sewage treatment plant of its own. Hot water supply with showers & western style closets are available. lip-smacking dishes  to relish en-route. The menu features culinary delights that have appeal for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

5. Luxury Houseboats in Kerala

Though on the higher end, one is assured of a lavish cruise in these majestic houseboats on the placid Kerala backwaters. With their plush interiors, tasteful designs, huge lounge and spacious rooms, a cruise in the luxury Kerala houseboat ensures a wonderful trip. The lounge and bedrooms usually have a wooden ceiling that adds up to its ambiance. Furnished with the choicest linen and luxurious double beds, these houseboats could well be termed as the last word in comfort.

Each room of Luxury types of Houseboats in Kerala are stylized with the charm and grace of traditionalist architecture and fixtures, contemporary style furnishing, making it one of the finest to float on. In addition to one or more beds and bedroom fixtures, such “Luxury houseboats” include a living or sitting area, often equipped with a recliner sofa bed.  The rooms at Luxury houseboats come with the daily newspaper, Wi-Fi internet connectivity, an LCD television with Blu-Ray players and in-room.Every room in the Luxury Houseboat will have all the state of art amenities including mini refrigerator, micro wave blender, coffee maker & toaster.  

The ensuite bathrooms are fitted with most modern fittings, bath robes and amenities to cater to the necessities of inbound tourists. The bedrooms would resemble lake/sea view rooms of a 5* resort with glass windows that extend down to ensure the guests an uninterrupted view of the backwaters even while lying on the bed. These houseboats are air-conditioned and have quieter engines, prerequisites for a better sleep and overnight stay. Lifesavers and safety jackets are available on board. The kitchenette at the back end of the boat is replete with all modern equipment’s including a deep freezer & offers fine international cuisines and authentic flavors of backwaters of Kerala. The guests are free to use the kitchen for themselves if they choose

6. Ultra Luxury houseboats- Naturally grandiose and spacious, these types of houseboats in Kerala feels like a royal suite inside. Built for all kinds of travel and business purposes, More spacious than any other houseboat in its class, the main hall of  the Ultra Luxury Houseboat is perfect to host a king-size party, hold elite board-meetings or romance the exquisite backwaters; all in the comfort of your private space.

Types of Houseboats in Kerala

With larger rooms in place, the bedrooms have been designed keep ones comfort and luxury as priority. Single window panes offer stunning large-screen views of the backwaters flowing by; alongside a sense of absolute freedom and maximum space. An exclusive Private balcony, Air-conditioned patio, Roof top/ Moon Dining & a Sunset deck defines it us class apart.

Ultra Luxury is the unique synthesis of royalty and style, serving dishes made from freshly plucked vegetables and freshly reeled seafood, prepared by professionally trained Chefs on board. Exotic & expensive crockery and glassware are used on the luxury houseboat. Wherever possible environment-friendly practices are put to use and plastics are strictly not used. To understand the need to feel at ease while traversing the numerous alleys of the backwaters this types of houseboats in Kerala have well-trained & experienced personnel accompanying. Apart from them being expert swimmers are with good dexterity of backwater characteristics, the crew is also trained to assist travelers in case of any eventuality.

6B . Honeymoon Houseboats

Ah the honeymoon! Your much deserved time to relax after the wedding and spend some R & R with ones soul mate. While weddings are frequently a collaborative effort with family and friends, a honeymoon is often the first big decision you make together as a couple.The key to having the holiday of a lifetime is to peace & tranquility where once can find romance. It is sure that the ambiance of a honey moon must be, what we call fantasy land. A honey moon is manifestation of dreams.  No other place on earth will give you space to enjoy such a romantic honeymoon, like the #backwatersofKerala. Kerala honeymoon cruise aboard a houseboat is the best thing one can gift to your better half.

types of houseboats in Kerala

Utilizing a lot of the backwater’s native ingredients, including a plethora of fresh-caught seafood with Healthy canapés and a fruit plate, onboard kitchen serving up Kuttanadan Cuisine are always declared winners with honeymooners. Probably Kerala Backwaters most romantic dining experience, our candlelight dinner on the upperdeck is a must-do sensory delight, ideal for an under-the-stars celebration of anything you choose. Dine in a temple of exquisite cuisine as reflections of the moon and stars shimmer on the calm waters of the lagoon. Treat yourself to a romantic dining experience that’s difficult to overstate.

The Honeymoon houseboat redefines luxury with glass enclosed lounge, superior furniture’s, exotic ambiance & lighting themes to suit your purpose. The large window pane in bedroom  with lake view would give you privacy to relish the enchanting sights of the great Backwaters. The Jacuzzi in en-suite bathroom, the beach chairs on sundeck, the open to air dining space to enjoy moon lit dinner are the specialties of Honeymoon Houseboat.

Experience the simple joys of life in opulent way amidst the delicate embrace of mist, enhanced by pleasant harmony of singing birds. Green stretches of paddy fields with long rows of swaying coconut palm trees, as time seems to stand still while drift along. We are sure that honeymooners will fonder the feel and ecstasy of Kerala honeymoon cruise all the life after, irrespective of types of houseboats in Kerala they cruise.

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