5 Exciting Things to Do this Diwali in Kumarakom: 07-15 November 2020

Diwali is generally considered to be a quieter season in Kumarakom, Kerala than the Onam and X-mas. The weather gets  pleasant & equable cooler,  the country turns lush green and the water bodies swell with water and the evening wetter with quick bursts of rains & lightning. But being iconic destination of Incredible India, the peaceful destination is still filled with plenty spots to explore & things to do in Kumarakom.

To do in Kumarakom

If you’re visiting or passing through Kumarakom during the season or a Kottayamer or Alleppeyian who has a blank schedule here’s 7 things worth trying:

1.Breath taking date with pink bloom of Cheepunkal

Late autumn is the time of the year when tourism picks up & backwater destination turns into a fairground of boats & guests. If the Neelakurinji flower blooms once every 12 years, you can enjoy the Pink springs of water lilies at Kumarakom every year. You can enjoy the sea of exotic flowers beside the backwater of Kumarakom in morning 6 to 9 am. From the mouth of Cheepunkal lake park to all along the leeward side of Puthenkayal gets blanketed in romantic pink shade giving the surface an unearthly contrast. It has enhanced travelers sense of seeing flora & fauna of the region.

To do in Kumarakom

The flowers bloom during the night and close up during daytime. Every day hundreds of people are thronging here from all over Kerala to see the spectacular sight. Some hire the fancy Kumarakom houseboats, some small boats & some the ferry to glimpse the striking nature’s spectacle. These pink fields have become the most sought after destination of wedding photographers and selfie-crazy youth. Navigate leisurely through this floral maze for a surreal experience. Let’s discover together another hidden treasure of Kumarakom backwaters.

2. Fall in love with best sunrise over Vebamanad lake

Kumarakom is one of the most beautiful backwater destination in Kerala. The posh aesthetic of world class resorts, in most travelers opinion, is ruining the beauty of this backwater destination, but nevertheless, the nature, thankfully, has remained the same. For travelers, this is the easiest and most accessible area in and around backwaters to watch the sun rise.

Sun rise in Kumarakom

Walk from the Cheepunkal on the Lake view park to admire the sun rise over the Kumarakom landscape. There is plenty of green space, and small shores, along the waterfront to host a picnic or just to relax. The beauty of the waterfront is not explainable via words, but is something you must experience while in Kumarakom. On your excursion to Kumarakom, wake early for sunrise to admire the skyline at Lake Park change colors and then make way towards Thaneermukkam Terminal to watch this ball of saffron climbing up from east of Vembanad Lake.

3. Local Exploration

Are you are interested in local life & culture? then strolling along the lake side & canal banks is undeniably on the top of the list of things to do in Kumarakom.

Walk through the North Kumarakom side to have look on this smaller yet bustling market is a labyrinth of stalls set along the road selling eggs, live fishes, calms & other catches from the lake. Ihe sleepy little markets in the outer town-like suburbs are good place to frame live photos, discover culture and way of living of people.

4. Chase the reverse monsoon in Kumarakom Backwaters

This one is spectacular at best of time to chase the reverse monsoon, in Kumarakom. There’s just something about being at the absolute amidst of lake, no? The place to be if you like romancing the rains. Sparkling azure topography as far as the eyes can see and whether it’s cloudy or the sun’s playing peek-a-boo, almost every photo you take is Instagram worthy. This is the first place the monsoons hit, and it’s eerie yet enthralling to literally watch the clouds roll in over the mighty waters before pouring down on land. This beautiful and soothing side of Kumarakom is replete with all the tropes of beauty, be it waking up to the call of egrets or herons to early morning boat rides around boat to sipping some warm Cardamom flavoured tea. Pure, undiluted bliss!

5. Experience a slow paced ride in Kumarakom Backwaters

Famed as the ‘Holland of the East’, a visit to Kumarakom is incomplete without taking a boat ride to the resplendent Lake Vembanad. This escapade between the lake and the lagoons will let you discover some of the most beautiful sites and views of the Kottayam Riviera, for instance Nalupank, Kavanattinkara, Vechoor and the Thannermukkam.  You will cruise by Pathiramanal island, along the Kumarakom bird sanctuary and enjoy views of the region’s inhibited creeks.

Things to Do in Kumarakom

This day long journey gives you splendid views of the rustic aura of The Kumarakom Boat Cruise will give you the ideal romantic setting and a tranquil ride. Cruise round the mesmerising and placid lake as you sip your cocktail and enjoy live musical performances – one of the most regal experiences that Kumarakom offers.

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