Small Houseboat To Stay In Backwaters, Things To Consider If You Are Hiring One

Why life is just better on a small houseboat.

The stay on small houseboat is unique and once in year/life affair so should not miss houseboat even if had some uneasiness. Explore the picturesque backwater while cruising on a houseboat, observe majestic surroundings and enjoy the tranquil soothing effect of the enchanting backwaters. While cruising along the Kerala backwaters, one can discover the fascinating countryside spilled across the countryside of God’s own country. Small houseboats are generally more “house” than “resort or hotel.”.  While cruising you may get chance to feed herds of duck from your window

A typical houseboat cruise in Kumarakom will offer you a splendid pampering and leisure experience. You can choose from luxury boat house cruises at affordable and economical rates. The main backwater cruise routes the small houseboats ply between are Alleppey, Kollam & Kumarakom. Two or three night cruise covers Kollam too.

Small Houseboat in Kerala Backwaters

We’ve got all the reasons to hire a small houseboat in backwaters of Kerala

If you are going to hire a houseboat to stay in; the smaller the houseboat the better for couples & bigger the better for families. It’s a well-known fact that storage and space is very limited on a small houseboat so having as much space as possible is going to help overcome these issues. If you are going to stay in a small houseboat as a family remember that everyone is entitled to some privacy, so again a larger houseboat will help to give you more space.

Another factor is the type of small houseboat you have and the facilities you have on board. If you are a family of four staying on a deluxe or standard houseboat, space, privacy and storage is probably going to be an issue. However if you have a Premium or Luxury houseboat or maybe even a wide upper decked houseboat, these problems will not be such an issue. And for conferences & group outing double storied houseboats is the most apt.

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Small houseboat in not what you think !!

Having all the modern amenities on board will make day to day or night stay very comfortable. In today’s modern small houseboat you can often expect to find washing machines, fridges, showers, toilets and microwaves. Basically all the household goods a traditional home has. The disadvantage of using these appliances on a houseboat rather than in a traditional home is that you have to think about the electricity you are using for which have to start Diesel Generators.

Think about where you will berth your houseboat.  If you want to stay aboard for more than a night, finding a berthing in the area you want to stay isn’t always an easy task. However if you plan this with small houseboat crew in advance this will not be a problem.  You can apply/call for a berthing provisions/ ground handling from the local operators and as long as you change your location every  days as detailed by The Kerala Inland Navigation rules, you won’t need a mooring. We guess the down side to continuous cruising is; you may encounter unpleasant atmosphere, lack of fresh water & no land side assistance in case of eventualities.

We’ve got all the reasons why hiring a small houseboat had an edge

One of the main advantages to start with is the freedom that houseboat offers, this is one of the big attractions that draws people to boating. People who stay aboard tend to say they are escaping the monotonous hotel/ resorts and starting a journey to a more tranquil and a better way of holidaying/ vacations. The pace of life is slow and therefore less stressful which can make for a happier travel style & all at your whims and fancies.

This leads on to mention that house-boating or houseboat cruise in Kerala Backwaters allows you to see many locations across the canal network. Depending on boat size you can pretty much cover the whole network (longer boats will find that certain areas are not passable as the narrow canals are too small to manoeuvre however there are plenty of routes available to explore from Kochi in North & Kollam in South. The enroute destinations like Vaikom, Kumarakom, Kottayam, Alleppey.Changanassery in backwater stretches are ready to enthrall you while you cruise on small houseboat.

Small houseboats never seem to tire of performing

Small Houseboat in Kerala backwaters can attain high speed in comparison with bigger counter parts or one with upper-deck or bigger hull. At all, a houseboat has, as already mentioned has a speed of 5-6 knots which is approximated to 12 km/h or 7 mph, that does not sound much, but a giving an impressive so-called day’s run of approximately 48 nautical miles which is 86 kms or 56 miles can be covered if non-stop. Where as modern bigger houseboat may be able to cover just 2/3 of the former. The more speed translates to more mesmerizing attractions in a day cruise en-board  and are the significant fascination for the sightseers for whom moving quick is itself is rewarding.

Embracing and enjoying the outdoors and nature is another bonus of staying on a small houseboat. For those who enjoy outdoor pursuits living on a houseboat enables you to fish, kayak and swim as if it was in your yatch! And all that fresh air is bound to build up a healthy appetite!

So let’s see if the advantages out way the disadvantages mentioned below:
  1. All the modern amenities on board at your hand reach
  2. Freedom to take your own Backwater Routes
  3. Slower pace of life on slower side of exotic backwater
  4. Exploring the canal network
  5. Minimalistic life style
  6. Could save you money
  7. Being close to nature
  8. Helps you stay fresh & rejuvenated
  9. Can visit many different locations in a stretch of day or two.
  10. Houseboat itself commutes you to your destinations around backwaters.
  1. Space is limited for bare minimum stay and cruise.
  2. Privacy can be a problem with Houseboat crew staying in same boat.
  3. Having to think about stepping out for a walk or jog.
  4. In case of power failure no stand by generator for power supply.
  5. Water refilling on long cruises.
  6. Finding suitable fence off berthing point away from flocks.

So there you have it more advantages than disadvantages, so what are you waiting for your dream houseboat is only a click away!   


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