07 Offbeat backwaters in Kerala we bet you had missed on last trip!

The very sound of the word offbeat backwaters of Kerala conjures up images of swaying palms, canoes & houseboats and greenery in profusion. The backwaters of Kerala are a perfect way to satiate the people thirsting to taste the nature in its purest and most organic self. Its lush green vegetation creates a spectacular imagery on backdrop of azure & emerald waters, which resembles like the core of mother nature.

No visit to Kerala is ever contended or completed without experiencing the shiny and sparkly backwaters. Together with the enchanting landscape boat house cruise, enthralls and exhilarates every traveler. The Backwaters ethereal beauty, sweeping vistas, and ever-changing colors spark a sense of wonder and discovery. one of 10 panoramic overlooks on the Vemaband lakes South and North creek sides.

Where shall one go for an offbeat Backwaters experience in Kerala?

There are far more exotic choices out there for those with an adventurous spirit and the desire to reach the farthest innards of Kerala. While some popular backwater destinations get trampled by increasing number of visitors, there are some offbeat locations that retain their quaint charm despite it seducing beauty. One may be able to see undisturbed canals and backwaters, villages with their native unexplored natural habitat, not mentioning you’ll have a real insider peek into the life of inhabitants.

If one long to spend their vacation beyond countryside far from the maddening crowd amidst the lovely backwater, these offbeat backwater destinations in Kerala won’t disappoint them.

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Kakkathuruthu Backwaters

Kakkathuruthu is a fantastic recommendation for people who love to watch alluring sunsets. This majestic tourist spot near Alappuzha can be a good choice for travellers who are looking for unexplored backwater destination in this state. Surrounding backwaters, Kakkathuruthu is a remote village in Kerala but it has been listed in the ‘Around the World in 24 Hours’ of National Geographic magazine. It is the photographic tour of the magazine that shows the most amazing and travel-worthy destinations in the world. This astounding island appeals a lot of adventure-loving travellers from across the world. Reaching this tiny island can be a bit difficult as this unexplored region is accessible from the mainland only by traditional boats. Surrounded by Vembanad Lake, this beautiful island paradise is a heaven for birdwatchers.

offbeat kerala backwaters

In the local language, Kakkathuruthu means the island of crows. The charm of this unspoilt tourist spot is enhanced by lush coconut groves. Located at Eramallor near Poochakal, the most attractive features of Kakkathuruthu are that it has no tarred roads and no bridges to connect the mainland, that makes it to first in the list of offbeat backwaters Kerala. Even though it has small paths which are not constructed properly, many travellers nowadays reach this island in order to enjoy its spectacular sunsets.  A lot of mind-blowing activities can be enjoyed at this destination such as farming, fishing, toddy tapping and boat ride. You will love to mingle with the locals and experience their life. Try to visit the local temple during your trip to Kakkathuruthu.

Munroe Backwaters

Alleppey & Kumarakom backwaters are usually off the radar for people who like to have a no ordinary backwater experience. For such breed of wanderers here’s a place on the confluence of rivers & Lake Ashtamudi that will soothe your nerves and bring you loads of peace of mind. The place is Munroe Island and is a rather off-the-beaten-path landscape and most serene backwaters in the southern Kerala. Munroe backwaters have altogether a different vibe than other Keralian Backwaters. If you are seeking serenity, Munroe is the perfect place for you to engross in nature’s lap. Situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city, these waterscapes offer you a soothing evening and undulating waves.

Abandoned homes and barren coconut stumps standing on the some portions of the backwater areas give it an appeal of lost village. There’s some kind of internal resonance among the narrow and canopied canals & the landscape which are yet to be decoded. Gliding through the small watercourse that flow along the backyards of houses can be an unforgettable experience.

If you are a traveholic and seeking experience, you don’t have to look other way. You may find in one corner women wheel out coir, in another they craft brooms, another weaving the coconut leaves in pattern and at the other end they weave baskets, using every inch of the coconut palm. Here, you can also cruise along the backwaters in a traditional wooden boat and make a pit stop to try your hand at fishing with Chinese nets. Nine rare varieties of mangroves can be seen on the island, including the yellow mangrove.

Further you could also stop to relish the tempting delicacies like the savoury pearl spot fish that entices every gastronomical adventurer prepared in coconut milk and oil, at any authentic restaurant in the island. The freestanding overrun mangrove swamps and the underpasses cut through them is one of the most instagramed frames of Munroe that even attracts people for wedding photography from distant frontiers.  A tantalizing sensation lingers long after even one leaves the mystical backwaters with load full of memories and camera full of diverse frames & selfies.

Poovar Backwaters

A hunt for offbeat backwaters at south Kerala will first end right at on little-explored Poovar backwaters which boast the most serene nature. The stunning visuals of stretches of sugar sands, to pale blue water ways and hordes of swaying palms here is most enthralling. It’s a great beach destination; largely laid-back, less touched and unexplored. Cool breeze from the dense vegetation prevails all around and casts gloomy shadows on the water. Due to tidal actions the palms & mangroves often remain half submerged in waters, giving it an inundated feel.  So, if you’re looking for complete rejuvenation in the lap of nature, Poovar backwaters is just the place for you.  

unexplored kerala backwaters

Flanked by the Neyyar river, this offbeat backwaters is the only one that possesses a direct 3600 view of where the calm river meets the clamorous sea. While exotic shorelines are nestled by a canopy of swaying palms and mangrove gardens that bear the natural flora and fauna of the state.

The gentle gurgle of the waters, the melodic cooing of the cuckoo birds and the rhythmic rustling of the wind in the coconut trees that work in tandem to create a setting that is nature’s natural aphrodisiac, that’s what lures the offbeat explorers here. Sights such cormorant drying its wings in sun with out bothering others, a colourful kingfisher waiting for its strike, a crane in a meditative stance and a tern gliding past add astounding miracle to this idyllic haven.

Most enrapturing thing to do at Poovar of course is to spend their time gazing sunset. Here you may only realize the setting of sun when symphonic sound of the crashing waves reaches your ear or when the metered tempo of flapping wings of feathered creatures heading to their nests. When sun slips toward the horizon by painting the over the head canvas by colours from right side of spectrum. Meantime the backdrop may grow a little darker & gloomy finally to a soothing dusk. Poovar is not a mere silhouette after sunsets. The memories of shaded canal, the elephant rock and the sugar sands will linger forever. All you have to do is listen, watch & sense.

Kappil Backwaters

If you are looking for a break from the everyday grind and want to pamper your soul, Kappil Backwaters will be an ideal pick for you. A 52-Kms ride along the sea from Thampanoor via Kazhakkoottam, Chirayinkeezhu will take you to the off beaten path to Kappil backwaters. An alluring getaway destination that hasn’t yet been inundated by tourists. Kappil backwaters is always secluded and stunning spot, that is soaked in the stunning views of the dramatic confluence of the Arabian Sea, the Kappil river and the placid backwaters near estuary. Picturesquely set amidst of magnificent Evada Lake, Kappil got tropical combination of three environs: lake, palm grove and estuary, all in the vicinage, an absolute offbeat backwaters Kerala has to offer.

unkown backwaters kerala

A boat ride will take you past tiny, palm-covered islets within the estuary. But, it is the lake that offers more options for the tourist here. You can go boating in the calm tranquil estuary and palm-fringed backwaters. The backwater stretch here at Kappil / Edava, and the avenue of coconut trees that crisscross the water channels are indeed a sight to behold. Further one can engage with local folks for on hands on experience on the techniques of coir making and fishing.

Kumbalangi Backwaters

Not many might be aware of the fact that Kumbalangi in Kochi, Kerala is India’s first designated ecotourism village. This spectacular fishing hamlet is overflowing with nature’s myriad gifts that make it all the more interesting. Enchanting to the core, it is one of the best places in South India to have some offbeat backwater experiences. Facing Kochi backwaters, the village is known for its famous Chinese fishing nets, which is indeed a view to remember. Kumbalangi looks like a place straight out of an artist’s canvas, with its golden sunset in flowing backwaters and sun rays breaking into thousands of dots through the fishing nets, what a sight!

offbeat backwaters kerala

Kumbalangi is renowned for it spectacle of backwaters sparkling in a fluorescent blue glow during summer. This sequence portrayed the natural phenomenon known as sea sparkle or bioluminescence. Sea sparkle can be witnessed along the backwaters.

Magnificent backwaters surrounding the island village from all sides provides ample scope for boat rides. The traditional wooden country boats are best to get an old world feel. Sometimes boatmen also double up as fishing guides. With tranquil waters and lazy winds to soothe your mind, you will feel perfectly at home. This place is not overtly-populated and is still untouched by a rowdy crowd, which makes it a quintessential offbeat backwaters, Kerala has to put forward.

Kadamakudy Backwaters

Kadamakudy is a magical place which is popularly known as Kuttanad of Eranakulam, situated near to one of the most cosmopolitan city of Kerala, called Kochi. The area is characterized by a vast array of paddy fields and small canals tearing them apart!

Being less explored backwaters in Kerala, it is a perfect place for weekend trip and visitors can go for fishing. There is narrow road between each prawn farming area and visitors walk along with enjoying the natural beauty of kerala. This place remains frozen in time, laden with stacks of prawn. Kadamakkudy Shap is one of the famous toddy shops in Ernakulam district. One of the main attractions of this place with non-alcoholic coconut sap and the varied flavors of crab, prawn and fish dishes.

backwaters less explored

Evenings here paints silhouettes of fishermen heading to the horizon in their canoes in glowing pinks and oranges of the sunset in contrast with the last glimpses of blue in the background. This offbeat backwaters of Kerala is even otherwise an unavoidable locale for shutter bugs, be it rain or shine as it hosts large groups of birds.

The fish ponds and the Pokkali fields are the major attractions of Kadamakudy. Pearl spots, red snapper, prawns, tilapia and mullet are abundantly available here. The fishes, caught from the organic Pokkali fields where ammonia isn’t added, taste incredibly delicious. The fishing fields of the picturesque Kadamakudy island are goldmine for the crustacean farmers. No words can explain the joy of experiencing the appeal of the inundated paddy fields and the dazzling blue sky.

If you want an earthy village experience close to Mother Nature, head to this small yet cute village Kadamakkudy. Trust us, the exoticism has not been manipulated in any way.

Chettuva Backwaters 

Idyllically lazy and serene backwaters make Chettuva Backwaters in Thrissur district an unspoilt backwater destination. Dotted with Kerala’s largest mangrove vegetation and islets, the place is known for the tranquility it offers. Chettuva is located around 35 kilometres from Thrissur and 10 Kms from Guruvayoor. It originates at Enamakkal Lake and culminates at the Arabian Sea.

offbeat backwaters kerala

Chettuva and Enammavu are the two lakes flowing along Manaloor, Chettuva, Kandassankadavu, and Thriprayar. The Chettuva backwaters is connected by the poetic Canolly canal up till Kozhikode had served as an waterway for cargo movements in yester years. Chettuva remains in the list of offbeat backwaters Kerala any season. A  water stroll though the mesmerizing waterscapes offers a ride down life, tradition, rustic charm, and the hospitality of a people. Land strips densely lined with coconut palms, small toddy shops, migratory birds swooping down for their catch, dark and brooding mangroves, and fishermen in their small canoes are sights to relish.

Usually people look for sunset or sunrise cruise as it offers a mesmerising view of the landscape amidst the scattered rays. A number of ayurveda centres offering wellness treatments are also available in this area where people can detox themselves in the cradle of nature.

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