What are the things that (in traveler’s eyes) make Kumarakom one of a kind travel experience?

The backdrop of Vembanad lake, the largest in Kerala is like a fascinating art beaming with life. The lake meanders through the tropical land of  Kumarakom with swaying coconut palms on either side. On its banks are lively people who have made backwaters an important part of their life. Little shes swarm around the river and bask in the glory of Kerala backwaters and, floating across them like her majesty on rounds is the Kettuvallam or what we commonly here refer to as Kumarakom houseboats. If you are a tourist coming from a far off land to experience the unexperienced bliss of Kumarakom and its Kumarakom houseboats cruise then finding a good houseboat and then booking it, is not as easy as it may seem. Now-a-days most of the booking is done online( OTAs & Direct), so you can compare rates, look around before choosing a houseboats. If all this sounds new to you, then you can follow the steps listed below that will help you. Kumarakom houseboat booking is an effortless if one sticks to these ten checks.

More than 200 Houseboats are already providing full-fledged services in and across Kumarakom backwaters owing to the gradual rise in the number of backwater backpackers. You can check out the Kerala Houseboats & cruises on the backwaters for Dummies – Part I-V here

Kumarakom Houseboat Booking
Kumarakom Houseboat
#1 Set your backwater cruise budget a

Before making any booking and reservation, ensure that the Kumarakom houseboat booking meets all your requirements of backwater cruising you are dreaming. When you start any of the planning you need to assign a budget for your cruise and houseboat stay. Compare Houseboats with other houseboats only and not compare it with resort. This will narrow your search and save you time, effort and money. Always keep in mind Houseboat cruise & stay would be dearer than any resort/hotel stay as it involves backwater ride & full board meals.

#2 Duration of your Houseboat stay or Cruise

Again before confirming the Kumarakom houseboat booking, assess no. of nights you require houseboat for backwater cruise and stay.  You have an option of choosing between a Day trip in Kumarakom Houseboat or Cruise with Overnight stay in any Kumarakom Houseboat Package. Day Cruise or Day Trip on Backwaters or Lunch cruise usually starts in forenoon and concludes by late afternoon if not clubbed with sunset cruise. This option is suitable for senior citizens & travelers with hyper kids who feel poky to confined spaces of Houseboats. Whereas cruise with night stay package starts at noon & concludes next morning and after sunset the houseboat will be berthed beside lakeside. You should also take in consideration that time onboard provides the full utilization of time or engagement. This will wade away any disappointment when you actually are bit cramped with a little entertainment or leisure activities on houseboat.

#3 Essentials of Houseboat accommodation

Next step is to decide what kind of houseboat you want and what kind of amenities are you looking for; whether you need a single bedroom standard houseboat, or you are looking for a luxurious sun-decked houseboat, whether you want a houseboat with a jacuzzi or you are more comfortable onboard a private houseboat or you can surely mingle with shared Kumarakom houseboat booking and other such conveniences you would like to avail. Can check the 12 Basic Things Every Houseboats In Kerala Backwaters Must Offer !

#4 Choose the Backwater Location you want to explore

Sometimes the choice of location trumps the budget or required accommodation, especially if you are going to a location of convenience. Often, your ideal location depends on the kind of trip you are taking, like for business or leisure purposes. In the case of a business trip, you may want a houseboat nearby your work meeting or conference.

Kumarakom Houseboat Booking

But for leisure purposes, you can find a houseboat that is nearby backwater hot spots or somewhere secluded if you choose to spend the cruise in peace and away from any kind of hustle bustle. Look out for houseboats that provide complimentary activities like Temple visits & village life experience. Know More about 7 Amazing Boat House Destinations in Kerala

#5 Search for Houseboats Online

The simplest and quickest way to look for a houseboat room is to go online. All you need to do it enter your specified dates, the number of days or nights, your location and required amenities. You can even specify your budget. This will fetch you results customised according to your details. Note that, online search engines do not include surplus charges that houseboats may add up to your bill, so look for any fine writings next to the stated charge for the room before you consider it.

#6 Look out for Discounted Houseboats

When you search for discounted tariff, the search engine will crawl through numerous databases to get suitable results for you that match your needs and that are discounted or offer cheaper rates. Keep in mind that some search tools require you to pay first for your booking even without disclosing the hotel’s name. Always keep your eyes open for fine printing, so that you are not taken by surprise while Kumarakom Houseboat Booking.

#7 Scan Online Reviews

Word of mouth or just reading reviews online can give you a better idea about all the Kumarakom houseboats that you may have shortlisted for your trip. Often, online reviews give you a sense of the level of cleanliness, customer and available amenities offered by the Houseboats. They are also star-rated based on the guests’ experience. This can help you weigh reviews against the price and location.

Kumarakom Houseboat Booking

#8 Make that call to get clarifications on Kumarakom Houseboat Booking

After checking out the details, call the houseboat operator, confirm the information, and clarify your doubts. Try calling late in the evening, because most mornings and afternoons are busy in houseboat operations. You may want to ask questions like;

Is the houseboat in Kumarakom private one or shared one?

Check-in time & Check out time? Whether early check-in or late check-out permitted ?

Where would be the boarding point and de-boarding point ?

Which route would be taken by the houseboat for backwater cruise ?

Is breakfast included in the nightly rate or if there is a kitchen in houseboat?

Does the Houseboat operator provide parking facilities? If arrived with tour taxi does it provide drivers rest room?

Can extra Adults/Kids be accommodated in bedrooms ?

Do you offer transportation on rental basis? Is there a public transportation nearby?

Does the Houseboat have round the clock services of steward ?

Are there any facilities available for disabled?

What is their booking policy ?

What is their policy for cancellation?

#9 Booking your Houseboat

Once you are satisfied you are getting what you are looking for in reasonable & reliable manner can proceed to book the Houseboat. There is no hard & fast rule to follow to book houseboat for your backwater cruises [with stay or just day cruise] at Kumarakom or Alleppey.  You can reserve your Houseboats by providing your basic details[ Date of cruise, no. of persons accompanying you, category of houseboat & no. of rooms required]  via mail or by directly talking to the operations staff or the manger. This can enable you to reserve the chosen houseboat for limited time period.

Cruise Guide :- Kerala Backwaters – Overnight Stay with Cruise or Houseboat Day cruise  Which one is preferable ?

#10 Reserve the Kumarakom Houseboat

As soon as you’re well pleased with particular Kumarakom Houseboat, of an accredited operator & are comfortable with their terms & conditions reserve the houseboat. Many houseboats require you to pay the full amount during the booking via credit/debit card, e-wallets, UPIs net banking. Check out if the credit/debit card, e-wallets and UPIs you use provides any discounts on houseboat stays.

But Backwater Routes Houseboats have the most lenient booking terms, by paying as low as 10 % of tariff you can get booking confirmation with e-voucher. You can re-confirm your houseboat booking by asking the houseboat operator to send you a receipt or by taking print out of the payment receipt at the end of the online booking session. Read the receipt carefully for making sure that your travel dates are correct. Check if the houseboat has mentioned the regulatory fees and charges on the receipt.

These are the basic pointers that that you need to bear in mind of Kumarakom Houseboat booking.  The most secluded and relaxed vacation on the backwaters of Kerala is now just a click away. Happy cruising fellas !

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