We are planning a Trip to Kerala – Is it Safe To Travel? Yes, Kerala is safe now!

Is Kerala Safe to Travel?

Being in tourism & leisure cruising space for more than a decade & a prominent Kerala Backwaters tourism service provider,  Backwater Routes have been getting a lot of perplexed questions like “Is Kerala Safe to Travel?” “Is Alleppey Flooded now ?” “Is Alleppey houseboat safe now?” “Is Kumarakom Backwaters Safe to Cruise?” “Kerala is safe now for tourists?” “Are Houseboats operational Now?”.and on….. .

With mixed bag of information available on travel forums & discussion groups and exaggerated news floating everywhere, passing the factual information on the present condition of Kerala post floods was felt as the need of hour. So this is an effort from our part to bring forward truth that Kerala is safe to travel & to clear the air.

Kerala is Safe Now

After the recent floods in Kerala caused due to torrential rains, opening of dams and overflowing rivers, tourist are eagerly asking the question we are planning a trip to Kerala now is it safe? The answer to query is that Kerala is perfectly safe and you can travel to the destinations of your choice as the effects of floods have dwindled as of now. The infrastructure destruction had been rebuilt in war footing. The cramped spirit of local folks had been positively induced by society & Govt to stand on one’s own. Every one worked out their heart to bring up the state to the level one has set. The people of Kerala banded together to rescue and rebuild the state and has successfully restored the beauty of God’s own country in many places. The tourism department joined hands with other departments and worked feverishly to welcome visitors back again. With this massive joint overhaul effort, the land is now more than safe to travel, stay, and enjoy!

Kerala Tourism restarted after the floods in the form of Volunteer Tourism with people coming in from different parts of the country and world. With volunteers assisting in rebuilding homes and the water receding quickly Kerala bounced back to normalcy soon & stay in same condition thereafter.

Kerala is safe now

With opening of Kochi airport on 29th August the air connectivity had reestablished, railway connectivity was restored and inter state and Intra state road connectivity was restored & all land slide areas were cleared by 5th September. Within weeks the tourist destination rebounded to normal and now 100% of stumbling have been cleared and is fully operational. All the tourist places in Kerala have been opened then onwards and Admin Authorities had issued notices regarding same.

News has it that the historical monuments, tourist resorts and famous sites across Kerala are still intact from the unfortunate floods. Elsewhere, a lot of damage has been suffered by the roads and other infrastructure in Kerala. Out of the 70 tourist places, 38 are fully safe from floods, the remaining 22 have been restored well, and the remaining 10 will be fully functional within 30 days or so.The Dept of Tourism had joined hands with other Govt depts and worked feverishly to win back visitors to God’s own Country. With this tremendous collective effort from all sections of society Kerala is safe now or can say, Kerala is perfectly safe now. 

You can very well plan your trip to Kerala, the place is as beautiful as it was ever. Persuade your partner, friend, family to pack bags and head to Kerala to be at God’s own abode.  For those who want to learn more detailed information can be accessed from our primary portals of Kerala Government &   Kerala Tourism.

Alleppey & Kumarakom Backwaters are safe now

With the Sun shining back in Kerala, the great backwaters are returned to the tourism map as the most-favored  & appealing destination for travelers and tourists alike. Kumarakom Houseboat packages are registering spike in booking. The tourist hot spot of Kerala have become lively yet again with thousands of tourists making quick short cruise, Day long cruises and prolonged backwater holidays.

Snake Boat Race

In order to put Kerala Backwaters back on the tourism map, the Nehru trophy boat race has been scheduled on 10th Nov 2018. It is unique sporting spectacle because of its scale and popularity will be the largest water sporting event in South Asia, and will serve as a platform to depict the grit of Kerala Backwaters & Alleppey. The race represents the relationship between the community and the water. Interestingly, the relationship is best manifested in the spirit of competition. Besides, the state government is also planning to organise the Champions Boat League in 2018 as per its previous schedule to let everyone know that Kerala’s backwaters are sound as ever for adventure activities. 

Floods are natural cleansing mechanism of nature. Cleansed in the most natural way, the backwaters at Alleppey have also resumed drawing tourists across the world.  Alleppey houseboat packages are offering an unforgettable experience to travelers and backwater enthusiasts who love to cruise along inlets and rivulets enjoying the nature at its pristine best.

Had Houseboat operations resumed in Kerala Backwaters ?

Houseboats and backwaters have become so synonymous that hardly nobody can fantasize the Alleppey Backwaters or Kumarakom Backwaters or Vaikom or Ashtamudi even Nileshwar without the heritage kettuvallams know as houseboats. Every travelers who embarked on houseboat were bowled over by the experience of floating on the tranquil backwaters, flanked by lush greenery while taking a peek at the village life unfolding on either side.

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Backwater cruising industry participated actively in the rescue and evacuation of people from Kuttanad, during Kerala floods.“As many as 1.5 lakh people were saved by the Tourism Department with the help of houseboats and other boat operators of Alappuzha. In addition, more than 200 boats were used as temporary shelters for the affected people, including the owners and staff within the industry.  The houseboat industry in Kumarakom & Alleppey has revved up again. All kinds of houseboats — from the simple heritage kettuvallam to super-luxury ones with Jacuzzi and swimming pools — glide past us both ways in quick succession.The quaint towns and villages scattered between the lush mangroves , coconut groves and paddy fields bordering the backwaters are lively & local folks cheerful & optimistic.

A houseboat rally put together by the District Promotion Tourism Council & Houseboat operators has ensured that the message that Kerala is safe now is being spread. It’s called ‘Back To Backwaters’. “About 220 houseboats took part in the rally, giving free rides and food to people, giving a message that everything was back to normal in Alappuzha. The complimentary ride took the visitors through the most affected areas of Kuttanad, clearing all doubts about the safety of the place. They were requested to spread the message on social media using #BackToBackwaters to highlight Kerala is safe now.

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Why one should visit Backwaters of Kerala ?

  • After floods backwaters are rejuvenated and had put on new extremely dazzling naturalistic look.
  • Influx of more fresh water made creeks & lagoons in Backwaters paradise for Waterlilies & Lotuses.
  • All resorts, hotels & houseboat had been renovated to appease tourists taste.
  • Off season rates have been extended till November by many Lake front hotels, resorts & Houseboats.
  • Exclusive deals of up-to 20% on Honeymoon cruises & Day cruises can be availed on Kerala is safe now campaign period.
  • Complimentary canal cruise or canoe cruise had been devised by Houseboat operators & Resorts.
  • Most of the houseboat service providers have withdrawn Holidays supplement charges.
  • Add on services like village life experience & day out with locals are offered free of cost.
  • With dollar hovering in this range 1$ =  ₹ 73.60, inbound tourists can avail premium services for same budget allotted.
  • Free Pick up & drop off has be facilitated for Backwater cruises.
  • LTC to Kerala has been proposed and it is likely to be approved soon

As we the tourism fraternity look forward to the new genre of tourists – the Compassionate Travelers and Responsible Tourist – to contribute to the growth of Kerala by paying a visit or coming to stay in Backwaters and thereby creating awareness that Kerala is safe now . We hereby request all well wishers of God’s own country & traveler be part of rebuild Kerala initiative.

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