Kerala Backwaters Tour and 10 Reasons to Love it

What hauls you to Kerala Backwaters Tour?

Because Kerala Backwaters Tour offers multiple options for exploration and enjoyment—so many that it can leave the average traveler feeling a little overwhelmed in the amazing landscape collectively called Backwaters. The backwaters were formed by the action of waves and shore currents creating low barrier islands across the mouths of the many rivers flowing down from the Western Ghats range. Backwaters are water turned back in its course by an obstruction on opposing current or the flow of tide as in a creek or river channel or across the river mouth. Or further, backwaters are combination of river, streams, canals & lakes in which there is little or no gushing of waters. It can refer to a branch of a main river, which lies alongside it and then rejoins it, or to a body of water in a main river, backed up by the tide or by an obstruction such as a dam.

Last year, Kerala was voted Favourite Indian Leisure Destination by readers of Conde Nast Traveller magazine, further, best Honeymoon Destination by those of Travel + Leisure & CNN Travel recently released their much-awaited list of 19 places to visit in 2019, and unsurprisingly, Kerala featured in the list! It was the only place from South Asia to bag a spot. It makes Kerala Backwaters the quintessential Kerala countryside that you’ve only ever read about in the Arundhati Roy  Novel “The God of Small Things  .

The problem with writing this post was narrowing it down to only 10 things.

Every one love so much about Kerala backwaters tour of that we could have written 100 things that we love about it.  (Hey, now that would make a great post) But we don’t want to bore even if you love this  paradise so much.

  1. Escapade to Kerala Backwaters

Everyone loves adventure & adrenaline injection in to their monotonous routine life. Kerala Backwaters tour offers new adventures in the water and on the land. Every landscape has its part of adventure to try hands on be it rock climbing, trekking, cycling in hills or sailing, skiing, skating on the beaches, but to try out these activities one has to be proficient & moreover it requires high skill. But for the less bouncy or one who want leisure or less exhausting activities the captivating backwater tours would be right pick.

Kerala Backwaters Tour in Kumarakom

There are many different levels of activities in backwater landscape such as kayaking, standup paddling, canoeing & sailing which may not drain your energy & spirit. Believe or not, after appreciating unique beauty & encountering its diverse shades of verdant countryside and extremely friendly people along banks, it’s hard not to be obsessed with the pure serenity and simplicity of this land called the great backwaters.

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  1. Ethos of Backwater cuisine

Everyone loves good spicy aroma of food. What one love about Kerala backwaters tour in houseboat are the mouth watering cuisines of backwaters landscapes collectively called Kuttanad. One would love the ambience of eating in mid of lake & some would love to catch fish themselves and get it cooked.  The houseboats chefs take you on a ride to the local markets to hand select the finest fresh local ingredients for your gastronomical adventure.  The likes of Tiger prawns, Kumarakom Lobsters to Kuttanadan duck curry and varieties of seafood including crabs and other calms & squids marinated to being served on the table for your delight.

Enjoy an unforgettable meal on the placid Lake Vembanad or beside the creeks !  A perennial favorite among Lake Vembanad stays, the creeks showcases magnificent vistas of the lake along with artfully-prepared entrées for lunch and dinner.  With so much variety to choose from and being served with so much love and gratitude, the onboard gourmet experience on Kerala Houseboats are worth a mention.

Those who love the act of dine n wine and trying something new at a fanciful locale at altogether romantic ambiance would long for backwaters tours as much as the backwater cuisines.   Treating one with a soothing tea, a cup of hot coffee or a pint of beer while in synchronicity with the ripples of the pristine backwaters is bliss.

  1. Be-friend with new souls

Meeting or greeting new & candid people is one of the best parts of any Kerala Backwaters tour all you need is a smiling face and open heart. Many travelers to backwaters had made some great friends traveling and some of their fondest memories of Kerala have been moments with the people they have met while on houseboat cruise & they are very vocal about that.

Most people that you meet traveling in backwaters of Kerala would be very interesting and have pages of stories to share. Some may just simple farm stories where people are recounting their experiences and recalling memories, sometime true stories below are about personal encounters, calamities or memories of life in backwaters, often quite humorously. These are ordinary people like you and me. People you meet while on the backwater usually become some of the most valued ones in your address book, giving you points on the map to visit later on.  If you love meeting and making new friends in your travels, always look forward to visit the entrancing landscape called backwaters & its charming locals.

  1. Rejuvenating Experience

One of the reasons every traveling soul enjoy Kerala backwaters tour so much is the slow pace life of the villages spilling over to the backwater landscapes. Most regular travelers opt for vacations that revolve around sight-seeing. However, the trend is evolving with new facets of slow paced travel and rejuvenation as its top add-on choices. Rejuvenating backwater touring holidays that can relieve couples to enjoy quality time together, add some health benefits with spa treatments can be truly holistic.

Kerala Backwaters Tour at Alleppey

By picking a houseboat stay in backwaters that open their doors to the rising/setting sun amidst stunning scenery can bring in a fine balance of life detoxifying body and soul. While on Kerala backwaters tour,  press pause on your hectic life and find yourself on the cruise and berth.

  1. Celebration of Life & events

Have special occasions to make merry in mind? There’s always a happy reason to take a backwaters tour aboard houseboat. It could be a landmark birthday or anniversary. A graduation,  A wedding – or pre-wedding festivities., A reunion party –or A bachelor’s party. Even a baby moon before a little one arrives.

Sail your own private Kumarakom houseboat and cruise experience the classy lifestyle as you spend precious moments on Kumrakom Houseboat. Begin your private cruise party celebrations in Kerala Backwaters with private barbeque and a super exciting nightlife toasting your favorite champagne with your loved ones. These signature celebration backwaters cruises on traditional Kerala Houseboats decked up with DJ music & gala dinner/lunch party are specially designed for guest entertainment and luxury that can be best customized as per the taste and requirements with the Kerala Backwaters tour.

A special occasion is made even more special by celebrating away from the clutches of hectic life. It’s also a good way to gather family and friends from distant corners to mark the milestone in the placid landscapes. Celebration aboard Kumarakom Houseboat provides a lasting benefit as well: shared memories for a lifetime.

  1. Navigating, backwater tour and travelogue at ease

Those who loves travel, explore and document the experience, the Kerala backwaters tours onboard houseboat had an added advantage that you have enough leisure time blog down your travelogue. When you drive, hike, bike or sail you are handicapped to scribble down the events, further you  are better position to get better snaps that can make your instagram feed standout. You are bestowed with enough time to think what to write and how to write about it, what photos to include and how best to describe it.

Those who love to envy their peers through Facebook wall, instagram feed with exotic photographs and live videos are the ones who first jump into houseboat tour. Vloggers & bloggers are always relaxed and energised when they set out for backwater tours owing to ease of travel & filming.  It is absolute love for those who scribble and click, reel and document their voyage, just as much as one love to cruise.

  1. It is good value for money

A lot of travelers to Kerala think that organized backwater trips, including Kerala backwaters tour, are able to make a hole in your pocket. We assure you they are usually good value for money, as they include pretty much anything, from the room on board, to food and drinks; from activities and cruise in houseboat ports, to Wi-Fi and entertainment on board. Don’t worry about reaching for your wallet. Backwater Cruises include it all – 3 meals daily, day cruise, and even drinks in some case (Coconut Toddy or Nira?) are included.

The only extra expenses on a  backwater cruise aboard a Kumarakom Houseboat would be personal ones, and the tips that one would inevitably want to give to houseboat crew for their exemplary services. Where other cruises are notorious for extra costs be it candle lit dinner, a compulsory gala dinner or add on cost on additional quantities, but on a Houseboat trip you’ll travel worry free.  And they definitely won’t break the bank.

  1. It is good adventure

Backwater cruising can be a very active, engaging vacation – or not – it is your choice. Bicycled down a country road in interior backwaters lately? Been on safari in southeastern Africa? Sat down for a meal with locals? Explore a coconut grove and watch toddy taping and tasted the toddy produced there? There’s enthusiasm around every corner, every day of your backwater cruise. You don’t have to participate in all the activities on offer if you don’t wish to, you can just sit back and enjoy the ambiance and the views.

Kerala Backwaters Tour

But if you want to be engaged every minute, you can be on the go with guided bicycle tours, walking tours of nearby sights, or making the most of interactions with locals. Armed with our paddles and a trusty guide, you can begin to explore the backwaters to see what life is truly like in this part of the world in a way not many visitors get to experience. Most of the Kerala Backwaters Tour organizers ensure that biking tours/walking tours/kayaking tour are offered at various levels of physical activity, so no one feels hampered by slower walkers, or conversely, feels they are rushed and out-of-breath. With backup of supporting boat with life guard and first aid apparatuses are the safety of travelers are ensured.

  1. Interesting History, Festivals and Cultural Exposure

The majority of festivals occur during summer, but there are also some festivals in other times of the year. Kerala Backwaters has everything from cultural and religious festivals to modern festivals and events. Kerala Snake Boat Race or Festival elevates the charm of these glistening water canals. The race is all about enthusiasm and most importantly team spirit and sync between the members. Watching this race is an enthralling affair that one shouldn’t miss while on a trip to Kerala.

Kerala Backwaters Tour

Besides various festivals, the Backwater culture itself is fascinating with a lot of different dancing styles, traditions, folk costumes and much more!

  1. Witnessing incredible Sites & experiencing stunning activities

Sometimes the beauty of travel moves traveler to tears of joy & ecstasy.  Some of the things that they have witnessed would have been overwhelming. Be it a night fishing with locals or clam shell miners on Vembanad lake or helping the Chinese fishing net operators in hoisting the net.  Or be it assistance to farm hands to strengthen the bunds or harvesting the paddies, the joy these experiences bestow are amazing.  The Kerala backwaters tour offered by different tour companies provide tourists with the chance to deeply explore the Backwater and stay in their typical houseboat. But in order to move around one corner of backwater to another or to visit the inspiring locations, the tourists must use the houseboats/canoes. When backwater touring in a Cruise you have the opportunity to visit all the interesting places and islands without having to haggle with the rowers or bargain with the boat-men for proper rates.

Cruising through the backwaters gives you the once-in-a-lifetime chance to try and catch a glimpse of the backwater fauna in all its glory, or you can watch the sleepy backwater Otters  as they laze about in the river banks, or try to find an Darters & herons  circling along the mangroves trying to find the perfect spot for nesting – you can do all this and more on a cruise – all without the hustle and bustle of people shouting and screaming. Kerala Backwaters Tour allow one to witness some of the greatest sites on mesmeric backwaters   to be touched to the core and feel completely connected to the  amazing landscape. There is more to love the great Kerala Backwaters Tour.

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