7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Kerala Backwaters During Monsoons

The Kerala backwaters is an enchanting experience as the scenic beauty of nature makes it a must-visit during monsoon…As you reach onto the most picturesque part of Kerala ornamented with canals, backwaters, river mouths and lagoons, there is a certain vivacity and a ‘feeling of being one with nature’ that embraces you. But the most important thing that strikes you about the backwaters here is the serene, calm environs with the monsoon water slowly coming down on the lake. The sight of local folks on banks of backwaters engaging on their regular household or livelihood chores on their own pace very calmly etc. If you really like chasing the monsoon season, then backwaters in Kerala is the place to be. The people are definitely polite and helpful and the ‘date’ with monsoon season lives up its best as you see water, clouds, fog and the lake merge together.

Weather Advantage of Kerala Backwaters  

The state of Kerala is the closest to the equator so temperatures are warm year-round. It rarely drops below 22°C (72°F) and temperatures peak between 28°C (82°F) and 31°C (88°F), except in the hottest months of May and June when they reach 34°C (93°F). Two thirds of the rain falls from June to August, with moderate rains prevalent throughout the landscapes isn’t always a showstopper.  There may be downpours which may last an hour or less and rest of the day warm and pleasant for touring. With a little luck, you’ll still get to enjoy sunny day in Kerala Backwaters.

Romantic Backwater Honeymoon during Monsoon

If you are looking to spend some romantic time amidst the magic of nature with your soul mate, then nothing is better than Kerala Backwaters during Monsoon. The green ambience of Backwaterscapes and constant drizzling makes it a passionate spot for many couples out there. A lot of romantic backwater spots become available during the monsoon season and the sound of the rain drops on the coconut leaves is electrifying. It opens several getaways for them to escape with their partners and spend memorable time together. Some of places to visit in Kerala in monsoon are Alleppey backwaters, Kumarakom backwaters, Kollam backwaters, Nileshwar backwaters, Chettuva backwaters,  and  Kavvayi backwaters. These countless number of destinations looks even more beautiful during rain and can offer you spectacular sightseeing spots and romantic honeymoon spots during your cruise.

kerala backwaters in monsoon

Kerala Houseboats with remarkable discounts as high as 50 %

As you already know that Kerala is a rainy state and it has contributed to its lush greenery, but this is not the only reason why we are asking you to plan your trip to Kerala Backwaters.’ Kerala Houseboats offers huge discounts during monsoon season, which are available throughout monsoon season of June to September. Further OTA’s like Booking.com, Trip Advisor & Airbnb showers additional Monsoon Bonanza for admirers.  It opens enormous options available on Travel sphere where discount with usually 30 % or 50% off on Houseboat Day cruises,  Houseboat stays & Houseboat Ayur cruise are common. Furthermore, it is the best time for budget-conscious backpackers who like to keep their expenses to a minimum but don’t want to miss out on some comfort of premium services. Even Kerala’s famous backwater resorts with exemplary stays offer attractive deals to the visitors. Not just that, you will also get to save on air tickets and transportation vehicles to reach the backwaters of Kerala.

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Monsoon brings Festive mood in Backwaters

Along with monsoon comes the season of festivals and celebration. Backwater sports like snake boat racing is very popular water sports conducted during the monsoon season in some of the popular lakes and backwaters in Kerala. Snake Boat races are part and parcel of the rich traditional grandeur of Kerala which drags huge local & international tourists.  Kerala’s most important festival Onam is celebrated around August to September and it lasts for 10 days.  Due to long holidays of ten days the land and people are jubilant indulging in various games & activities.  People from far across the lands visit Kerala to watch this carnival. To be one of them you must consider traveling to Kerala during the monsoon time.

Best Time for Kerala Houseboat Ayur Cruise

People specially visit Kerala during monsoon to have the Ayurvedic treatment.  It is believed that Ayurveda therapies work best in the rainy season as the pores of the skin opens  & body in ideal condition during this season. The weather is perfect – moist, cool and dust-free, opening up the pores of our skin, making the therapy more effective. Gone are the days when ayur healing was performed  in dull, unlit rooms of Ayurvedic centers with no recreation facilities in disconnected atmosphere. Now with arrival of Kerala Houseboat Ayur Cruise rejuvenation treatment & body reviving had opted by lot of travelers.  What is more motivating is to undergo rejunevation of body & mind is undergoing Ayurveda healing on a floating abode [Kerala Houseboat] in midst of lake. Kerala Houseboat Ayur Cruise has the distinctive characteristic of clubbing holidays / cruising with treatment. Next time set aside you holiday for revival or treatment for holiday and experience the finest ayurvedic therapies to rejuvenate yourself with herbal massages.

Spectacle of Backwater Flora and Fauna !

In the Kerala Backwaters, freshwater from the rivers meets the seawater from the Arabian Sea. It abounds in many unique species of aquatic life including crabs, mudskippers, otters and turtles. Water birds such as terns, kingfishers and cormorants also live in and alongside the backwaters in Kerala. Beautiful palms, various mangroves and shrubs provide a green hue to the surrounding landscape & lakescape. The encapsulating flora and fauna of the backwaters in Kerala, is another major reason to go on a tour to Kerala Backwaters in Monsoon.

One of the most tranquil and relaxing things you can do here is hire a Kerala houseboat to explore the backwaters. Ethnic spicy Backwater cuisines with sips of chilled beer will definitely make your houseboat experience a memorable one. Moving along the serene backwaters, in the rains, has a special romantic charm. Do not miss a relaxing vacation to this picturesque landscape this monsoon.

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More Devotion & Enthusiasm from Crew !

The backwaters of Kerala are a paradise of pink water lillies covered lakes ,small winding canals overgrown by palm and fruit bearing trees surrounded by small hamlets far from urban chaos. One more reason to explore the Kerala Backwaters during monsoon is the crew would go overboard to please the tourists/ travelers as they are less stressed out during off season. After all, much of the splendor of exploring a Kerala backwaters happens indoors, onboard Houseboat. You may find that crew are more friendlier and having more time to spend with tourists / travelers than regular season. This can open up more opportunities for getting to know the backwater locales, neighbourhoods & local folks in detail. The Crew[cook] would even serve you  special authentic dishes for you and may offer some cooking lessons when berthed. Cruising the Kerala backwaters on a  Kerala houseboat[Kettuvallam] is the best option to explore this place but small canoe boats are also available for monsoon chasers.

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