We had booked a Trip to Kerala – Is it Safe To Travel Now after Coranavirus scare?

Is It safe To Travel Kerala Now After Corona Virus Scare?

Turn on the news nowadays and you’ll hear about Coronavirus & only about that some times. Every query on travel forums & every interaction online are like is Kerala safe to travel now? With a rapid spread from a handful of cases in central China a few weeks ago to a semi-global outbreak as of now, there’s plenty of media coverage and a fair amount of worry worldwide.Though cost is an important factor in deciding on a vacation destination, today’s travelers are putting safety first, according to a studies. In the midst of spreading fear over the corona virus outbreak, concerned travelers to Kerala in India, even much much far from the epicenter of the virus in China, are seeking clarification & questions.

Is it safe to travel to kerala now due to coronavirus ?  It safe to travel to kerala now 2020?  Is traveling to kerala safe now ? Is it safe to travel to kerala in view of coronavirus? Is visiting kerala safe now?

It’s natural to be nervous about a health scare like this. If you’re planning a trip to Asia then you want to know you can still get on that plane without too much risk to your health. You want to head off and enjoy your trip, but you don’t want to get ill while you’re away and don’t want to put your dear and near anxious & scared !

Kerala safe to travel now

In the view of above, the World Health Organization dubbed the new coronavirus “a massive ‘infodemic,’” referring to ”an overabundance of information—some accurate and some not—that makes it hard for people to find trustworthy sources and reliable guidance when they need it. Social media like facebook, twitter has allowed disinformation to spread and flourish at unprecedented speeds, creating an environment of heightened uncertainty that has fueled anxiety and fear mongering in travel forums, even after every tourism body assuring prospective travelers that Kerala safe to travel now.

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So is Kerala safe to travel now due to coronavirus ?

While the No country had issued a blanket warning against travelling to India / Kerala, at the time of writing,

News updated on 17:30 hrs of 10th Feb 2020 

  • As on 4th Feb 2020 – Kerala govt declares coronavirus as state calamity after 3 confirmed cases. The Kerala government on Monday declared novel coronavirus epidemic as a “state calamity” with a third student testing positive for the infection in the state. The decision was taken at a meeting of the apex committee of the State Disaster Management Authority.
  • As on 07th Feb 2020 – Kerala lifts nCoV state calamity alert as no cases reported in last few days
    Considering all these circumstances, the government has decided to withdraw the ‘state calamity’ alert. But that does not mean that they are lowering our guard. The (28-day) quarantine period will continue. Those who come from the affected areas will still have to report to health officials. But is reassuring statement to travel and tourism sector that Kerala safe to travel now.

    The fact that the first three confirmed cases of novel coronavirus (nCoV) are from Kerala is actually an indication of how ‘healthy’ the state’s first line of defence against contagious diseases and epidemics is. From immigration officials and police to panchayats and local level health volunteers, the system put in place following the Nipah scare of 2018, which claimed 17 lives in the state due to initial unpreparedness, is multi-tiered and seamlessly integrated.

     Is there an outbreak of Corona Virus in Kerala.

There is no outbreak of Corona Virus in Kerala or India and it’s completely normal. The reported case are those who contacted the epidemic while their stay at Wuhan in China. In Kerala alone, out of 806 people under observation, 10 are in isolation wards in hospitals, while the rest are in home quarantine.  The patients tested positive for Novel Coronavirus are in isolation at the hospital. The patients are stable and is being closely monitored. The Health ministry has issued a 24×7 helpline number for any query on coronavirus, which is 91-11-23978046.

Why Kerala State declared coronavirus detection as State Calamity?

This is a proactive step initiated by State Dept of Health is to sensitize the citizens & travelers about the possible virus spread & preventive measures on reporting of III-rd positive case. Daily monitoring of situation and awareness have been intensified in all Districts in Kerala and hence it’s been declared as a State calamity. There is nothing to be scared of. Everything is normal, safe and in total control.

What travelers coming to Kerala should know about the Coronavirus?

As underlined by medical experts, this novel Coronavirus may cause respiratory problems in the winter but when the skies become clear and temperature increases, Coronavirus has no chance of spreading any further. Particularly, tropical summers of Kerala are enough vaccines to trash Coronavirus and the further outbreak of fake news. Kerala is a best destintation to fix your family vacation from winter blues &  travel gloom.

Coronavirus Travel Safety Tips

Personal hygiene is the #1 way to avoid the Coronavirus.

The first, best thing you can do to keep yourself healthy is to maintain good personal hygiene. Wash your hands as frequently as you can with soap and hot water, or use an alcohol hand gel with a high alcohol content if you’re not able to access clean water for a time.

If you need to sneeze then cover your nose and mouth with the crook of your elbow or a tissue, and throw the tissue away immediately. Try not to use your hand to cover your mouth as it’s more likely that you’ll pass germs on that way.

Avoid mingling with sick persons.

It goes without saying really, but try not to spend lots of time with people who have cold and flu symptoms! They’ll probably just have the common cold or normal flu, but the symptoms are very similar to Coronavirus so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Struck off Zoo’s & meat markets from your must-see list.

The current outbreak seems to have started in a live animal market in Wuhan, and the WHO is recommending avoiding direct unprotected contact with live animals and surfaces that are in contact with animals.

Given this advice, it’s probably safest to avoid visiting this kind of market elsewhere in the region. Hanging out at an animal market may or may not have been top of your tourism must-dos but for now you’ll have to forgo petting the cute chickens!

Avoid under cooked or raw animal products.

This next tip could live in any other travel advice article in the world: only eat well cooked, fresh food and avoid eating raw or under cooked animal products or meats from street side shacks. There’s currently no evidence that Coronavirus is being passed through food products, but the WHO is advising caution nonetheless.

Eating food that hasn’t been thoroughly cooked can often be a fast-track to food poisoning when you’re traveling anyway, so no worries with this one. Look for food stalls where your dinner is cooked fresh in front of you and served piping hot and delicious. It’s the best way to eat in Indian continent for sure!

Airplane Etiquette for Coronavirus Safety

Plenty of people are concerned about the risk of diseases spreading when they get on a plane, and it’s understandable why. It feels a bit unhealthy getting into a metal tube with all those other people breathing around you!

Be reassured though, that modern planes have very effective air filters, and the re-circulation systems are designed to keep passengers healthy and well. If you want to keep air moving around you then turn on the overhead vent but angle the flow of air away from your face.

What’s the deal with wearing face masks for Coronavirus?

The news reports are full of pictures of people wearing face masks to protect themselves from infection, but do they work? And should you join the club and wear one?

Medical advice is that wearing a mask can have some limited effects in stopping the spread of respiratory disease, but the best way to avoid infection is still to use good hand washing hygiene and avoid close contact with people who may pose a risk.

Wearing a mask is a personal choice, but you should definitely wear one if you develop flu-like symptoms to prevent you from passing any potential illness on to others. If you do choose to wear a mask then wash your hands before putting it on, make sure you don’t touch the front of the mask after use, and never use a single-use mask more than once.

So is there any bonus in travel to Kerala now ?

It was reported that the Tourism Stakeholders in Kerala had unveiled initial steps as part of a wider set of measures to help tourism businesses mitigate the immediate impact of the novel coronavirus.  The more willing the Tour operators/ Travel agents are to offer the travelers exclusive amenities, improved promotions and deeper discounts.  Saying that hotel body will offer 10-50% for hotel rooms, travel agents and tourist guides honorarium are waived off, and cash back offers are provided to those who book trip to Kerala after the novel coronavirus has detected in Kerala

Travel safe, stay healthy, be alert and enjoy Kerala!

Coronavirus is worrying, of course, but hopefully these tips will help you plan for a safe and healthy holiday. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on any updates to the Kerala Govt and  World Health Organization’s advice if you’re planning to travel to Kerala as the advice may change as the situation develops. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime in God’s Own Country & on return tell your peers that Kerala safe to travel now !

However, if the latest news reports are anything to go by, the land of backwaters, Alleppey, Kuttanad & Kumarakom are believed to be 100 percent unaffected by Corona now. Lately, the Tourism Minister announced that maximum number of tourists spots in Kerala are unaffected from the floods. As per a survey carried out at 70 significant tourist sites throughout 14 districts in Kerala, about 90 percent attractions are prepared to welcome tourists once again. The remaining 10 percent spots will be spruced up to receive tourists within a month.

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