7 Amazing Boat House Destinations in Kerala

What you mean by Backwaters or Kāyal [കായൽ] in Kerala ?

The great Backwaters of Kerala are a procession of brackish canals, tributaries, lagoons and lakes running parallel to the Arabian Sea coast on west & Western ghats on east. This network includes five large lakes linked by a series of canals, both man-made and natural, these in turn fed by some thirty eight rivers that drop down from the inland hills or Western Ghats. The backwaters extend almost half the length of Kerala although many are not navigable per se by Boat house. Ecologically, the backwaters were formed by the action of ocean waves and shore currents that created a series of low barrier islands across the mouths of most picturesque virgin landscapes.

Kerala has over 900 km of interconnected waterways, rivers, lakes and inlets that make up the Kerala backwaters. In the midst of this beautiful landscape there are a number of quaint hamlets and cities, which are the starting and end points of backwater cruises. While the backwaters of Kerala can relax your mind with an ease, the boat house can enrich your exploring appetite while adrift.

Remain in boat house & still mange to remain connected to your soul

Kerala’s backwaters are famous for a reason: a nexus of waterways linking the regions’ villages and best explored via Kettuvallam [കെട്ടു വള്ളം] or Vanchiveedu [വഞ്ചി വീട്] — a traditional wooden Boat House. It’s worth spending anywhere from a single afternoon to a week on one of the many rental houseboats on offer, enjoying the sights and sounds drifting by.

A vacation on a Boat house offers all the comforts of a home & hotel on your very own private boat, while being surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. Crisscrossed with rivers, hemmed in by lakes and home to expansive backwaters, India has several locations where you may experience the novelty of living on a boat. The boat house are like floating luxury homes in the river. They are completely hand crafted and are made from natural materials like wood, cane, rattan blend with coir ,creating a natural ambiance. Boat house have a splendid living area for entertainment for your family and friends. High light is boat house having friendly and fully experienced chef and helpers and entertainment which will add spice and pleasure to your ride. Dining at leisure in boat house is a out of the ordinary experience .The cook will pamper you with fish curry rice or continental menus. Here are 7 breath taking boat house destinations you may head to if you are looking for a dream vacation en board a houseboat.

Alleppey Boat House

The backwaters of Alleppey are deemed the ‘Venice of Kerala’,are situated in the southern state of Kerala and should definitely feature on your list while considering popular boathouse-vacation destinations. The boat house take you through rustic sceneries of landscapes, the locals at work in their lush green fields, laughing village children waving at you through the cover of the greenery, the beauty of numerous islands or the fishermen at work with their intricate nets! Known for it’s canal backdrops, boat races and Ayurvedic spas, this is an ideal vacation spot for those looking for relaxation and rejuvenation. The evergreen river islands, luxuriant coconut plantations and the stately houseboats dwelling on the backwaters clutch the divine capability to make your tour, one of the memorable tours of your life

Alleppey Boat House

Kumarakom Boat House

Kumarakom ” the queen of Backwaters ” is a small village in the upcountry of Kottayam. Kumarakom has an extensive web of waters which make it an ideal spot for boat house to ply. Regularly hailed as one of the top 10 things to see in India, the Kumarakom backwaters offer a chance to witness another side of a country often known for its frenetic pace of life. Being a prominent migratory spot for birds, travelling by boat house will give you unrestricted access and unobstructed views of a variety of these magnificent creatures. Its tranquil backwaters gets blanketed with blazing pink & lucid white water lilies, their waxy, disc-like leaves float over the water is a sight to behold.

Any season is the best time to cruise the Kumarakom Backwaters as it does not become too chilly and the weather stays vibrant and lovely. The charm of Kumarakom’s unending rains lures many travelers from Middle East/ Gulf countries to Kerala.Traditional houseboat (kettuvallam) crafted of bamboo, elephant grass, rattan, coir and wood are a favorite among tourists. It’s possible to spend an afternoon to a week on a backwaters houseboat, though two-day trips are the most popular. This allows travelers to lounge on deck as they cruise past a patchwork of pastel-colored houses, churches and temples. Most houseboats arrange for stops at villages, rice paddies, fish selling shops & other activities.

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Nileshwar is fast turning into a much favored backwater rare tourist spot that offers enchanting boat cruises. Located 30 km from Bekal, the Valiyaparamba Backwaters in Kasaragod district of Kerala, is perhaps the most scenic & virgin backwater stretch in the state.

Separated from the mainland by backwaters, Valiyaparamba fishing village is an island with the Arabian Sea as one of the borders. A traditional cruise boat ‘kettuvallam’  offers panoramic view of the coconut groves in this island.Being a fishing centre, different moods of fishing scenes adds to its beauty. The cool breeze, coconut lagoons, variety of sea birds, activities like husking, etc. provide a larger canvas for the travelers & shutter bugs. Valiyaparamba is fed by four rivers and dotted with numerous little islands. Valiyaparamba, a hinterland separated from the mainland, is a noted fishing centre in the and the Island is also well known for its mussel cultivation.

The boat house cruise through the backwaters of Nileshwar is a typical Kerala style experience. There are only a handful of traditional boat houses here so the water is still idle and composed. The backwaters here are not as extensive as Alleppey, however they are still unexplored, quaint, equally stunning and less crowded thus providing an ideal destination therefore recommended for honeymooners, nature lover, experience seekers and off-beat travellers to cruise on boat house in the still waters and enjoy a solitude break at pristine beaches.


Situated about 70 Kms from the capital of the state of Kerala, Kollam is a beautiful boat house destination. Extending over a comparatively large area, a trip through these backwaters will give you views of the Portuguese fort, various duck farms, villages formed along the sides of the backwaters and the lighthouse.

Here is a unique environment and eco-system you will find no-where-else in the world. Your eyes will never tire looking at the vast expanses of placid waters with tiny boats that one or two persons move with oars, motorized boats with more passengers, boats laden with coconut husks, boats selling things, fishing boats, boat house for tourists, passenger boats, etc. Your body will feel refreshed with the perennial cool breeze that wafts from the lake all around.


Poothotta is a beautiful green nook just a few kilometers away from the urban chaos, just 45 minutes ride from Kochi guides you to the ethereal piece of land situated near Poothotta backwaters that is a sight to disentangle your clogged up senses. Poothotta is an unique prospect to enjoy nature’s bounty, rippling in the magical backwaters, located on the coastline of Vembanad  is a cluster of islands networked by lagoons, rivers and rivieras. The river takes you on a curvey ride small islands, mangrove shores and fish farm are some attractions of this serene village which is still rustic and enthralling. The coconut palms swaying in to the river from either side makes the journey an experience. The ambiance provide one a perfect blend of beauty and tranquility that can be intensely felt.

boat house vaikom

A boat house cruise through the tranquil stretch of backwaters in Kochi exploring its scenic beauty and the simple life of the village folk, offers you moments like never before the experience would be nothing less than the famous Alleppey boat house ride.. Here, the scenic backwater destination of Poothotta offers visitors exotic sightseeing, boating, fishing experiences and husking of coir. Poothotta is actually perfect for a one-day getaway. If you intend to stay, there is an elegant resorts & boat houses where you soak in all the beauty of Poothotta backwater by a cruising.

Chettuva Backwater Boat House

The Chettuva Backwater in Thrissur is an offbeat backwater destination for wanderers. Between Vadanappally and Chavakkad. The backwaters consist of a leisure cruise around the Chettuva lake, Kanoli kanal, Ennamavu kayal, Kadassankadavu and Tripayar and leads to Arabian sea.

With its serene beauty and exotic tropical charm, it still has much to offer. The place with its mangrove vegetation and tropical ambiance offers the exact gateway amidst the serenity of nature. It is a near perfect destination for nature lovers and photographers eager to catch a glimpse of nature. The small boat house and shikara here are the ideal place to relax and rejuvenate from a tiring schedule. Apart from Boat House and Shikaras, Motor boats are also available to take you on quick tour of the backwaters. Boat House service is available from Enamavu jetty.‍ there is one island named Rajah Island which is famous for Ayurveda treatment. Also boat service available here.‍ this place is a great destination for those who love river safari in a good price range. Usually people look for sunset or sunrise cruise as it offers a glistening view of the landscape amidst the scattered rays.

Chaliyar boat house

Chaliyar is the one of the newest addition to the list of Kerala Backwaters with rustic boat house experience. Tickled by the turquoise waters of the bay which lap up against the dramatic palm lined backwater coastline this is also an ancient port town, with Asia’s biggest wooden boat building facility stationed within the walls of the estuary. Beypore, Feroke & Chaliyam banks where always mentioned as the most mesmerizing backwaters in the Kozhikode area. And this stunning water routes up till Mavoor and more where extensively explored by the European merchants for the search of “black gold” pepper, but had somehow evaded the tourism or adventure map of Kerala. Even though the river and the waterway in north Kerala is closely linked to the history and culture of the Malabar region, backwater recreation potential of the inland waterway has not been fully explored until 2018.

boat house kozhikode

The islets in the Chaliyar have lush mangrove forests, which support a rich biodiversity. Several species of birds and rare fish can be spotted here. The High rising dilapidated tile factory chimneys, perched on banks overseeing the hued mangroves are a reminder of the time when the area were industrial development in the past. The iconic ‘Uru’ which earned Kerala artisans international fame among the seafarers are built at Beypore, which is on the banks of the Chaliyar.

Commanding a wondrous view over river chaliyar, tourists are drawn here year-round to experience the panoramic vistas. Mentioned by poets, music composers  and adored by every explorer ever since, the storybook town is a tranquil place in Malabar. But the state of affairs had changed, with venturing of quixotic and imaginative souls to offer backwater boating, canoeing & kayaking an unique opportunity to relish the charm of the river, estuary & backwaters. Chaliyar and its backwater cruising options are turning into an most sought after getaway destination in North Kerala circuit.

Kavvayi Backwater

Kavvayi Kayal is among the most fascinating backwater destinations in Kerala. This lesser known destination is the result of the five rivers viz. River Kavvayi and its tributary streams Kankol, Vannathichal, Kuppithodu, and Kuniyan. Kavvayi refers to a collection of small islands connected to Payyannur in Kannur by a bridge. It has been bestowed with many a natural gift and is considered among the most exotic locations in North Kerala.

Kavvayi Backwaters of Kerala

These backwaters form the biggest wetland in north Kerala with an area of roughly 37 sq km. Boat house rides provide one with the opportunity to watch the simple villagers go about their daily duties diligently. One comes across rare flora and fauna regularly. The boat rides will also help you explore.

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When to travel Backwaters for boat house experience

> For blossoming nature, lively atmosphere full of activity & excitement, calmer waters & clearer skies, opt for a slot between early September to the end of March. The backwaters reveals its pristine background setting early September through to April as well, so look out for some spectacular sunrises & sunsets from deck of boat house.
>Monsoons (موسم “season”) affirmatively makes footfall by the first week of June right through to the end of August. Cool temperatures & moist atmosphere with overcast skies and Lush green cover above water level all around make this a visit like none other.

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Kerala Backwaters During Monsoons
>Mid-October and November may boast sunny days in forenoon and encounter afternoon rains on onset of N-W monsoons.
>Sultry summers set in by April to the end of May with fairly high outdoor temperatures & humidity, but with less want to join the hoards of others, its ideal for a peaceful, gentle way through the most intricate of the backwaters.

What to pack for boat house stay

• Light & comfortable clothing and sandals
• Rain protective clothing & gears if you’re on backwaters in the monsoons
• Mosquito repellent and sunscreen
• Chargers and prescription medication.



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