07 offbeat backwater destinations in Kerala we bet you had missed on last trip!



Kakkathuruthu is a fantastic recommendation for people who love to watch alluring sunsets. This majestic tourist spot near Alappuzha can be a good choice for travellers who are looking for unexplored backwater destiination in this state. Surrounding backwaters, Kakkathuruthu is a remote village in Kerala but it has been listed in the ‘Around the World in 24 Hours’ of National Geographic magazine. It is the photographic tour of the magazine that shows the most amazing and travel-worthy destinations in the world. This astounding island appeals a lot of adventure-loving travellers from across the world. Reaching this tiny island can be a bit difficult as this unexplored region is accessible from the mainland only by traditional boats. Surrounded by Vembanad Lake, this beautiful island paradise is a heaven for birdwatchers.

In the local language, Kakkathuruthu means the island of crows. The charm of this unspoilt tourist spot is enhanced by lush coconut groves. Located at Eramallor near Poochakal, the most attractive features of Kakkathuruthu are that it has no tarred roads and no bridges to connect the mainland. Even though it has small paths which are not constructed properly, many travellers nowadays reach this island in order to enjoy its spectacular sunsets. A lot of mind-blowing activities can be enjoyed at this destination such as farming, fishing, toddy tapping and boat ride. You will love to mingle with the locals and experience their life. Try to visit the local temple during your trip to Kakkathuruthu.


The enthralling Poovar is unheard and untouched by package travelers. This offbeat backwater cum sea front destination in Kerala is no less than an astounding miracle. The village is right on the beach, which means vast stretches of sparkling sand, refreshing breeze, and calm environment which will undoubtedly treat all of your senses. The word Poovar is formed by combining two Malayalam words ‘Poo’ and ‘var’ meaning flower and river. The place sure is an aesthetic combination of fragrant flowers and gushing backwaters.


An hour bus ride south to the town of Payyanur, lies pristine land of composed beauty is the largest backwater island group in the northern part of Kerala, set at the side of the still unexplored Valiyaparamba backwaters. The best way to explore these off the radar backwaters is striking out by kayak or the local ferry on odd times Valiyaparamba at its most glorious. The tours last around three to four hours, bringing visitors to the centre of the backwaters, where the eerie sight of a cluster of mangroves soars in the midst of the bay. With the morning low tide, one can leisurely walk among these trees, literally feeling transported in an odd natural world of its own.

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